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15 Top People On Twitter To Follow – July

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Have been on Twitter for a good amount of time, months even years and are still NOT seeing the results or engagement you would like?

I would bet it is because of the quality of the followers you have.

Your followers are everything to your success on Twitter, they need to be targeted and they need to be people that are ON Twitter, WORKING Twitter.

People that get that success on Twitter is a 2 way street…you give to get, you get from giving.

Lucky for you, I am here to help you find 15 – 25 quality people to follow and connect with each month. :)

All jokes aside, I have another great list of 15 people you can connect with, hope you enjoy the list.


July List: 15 People You Should Follow On Twitter

   Dede Watson ‏-

Bio: Personal Brand and Social Media Strategist for Media & TV, #Startups FORBES Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer


   BlueBird Consulting ‏-

Bio: Digital strategist / #SocialMedia coach, blogger, and speaker / Community manager.


   Jesse Reeves ‏-

Bio: Married Online Entrepreneur: My Mission Is To Help Others Build Their Freedom Online!


   Ulrik Munk ‏-

Bio: Social media editor – Student of life. Tweets ► SocialMedia | Content Marketing


   Mιcнelle Hαrrιѕ ‏-

Bio: Helping personal brands & SMBs with social media, branding and online presence.


   Clive Jones ‏-

Bio: Social Media News and Tips, and some general tech talk.


   Fernando Marín ‏-

Bio: Journalist & Political Scientist. Chief Digital Officer | #BigData Expert & Advisor.


   Deb Lee ‏-

Bio: Passionate about productivity, coffee, apps, WordPress, blogging, & social media. Not necessarily in that order. Evernote Certified Consultant.


   JP Habaradas ‏-

Bio: Self Proclaimed Geek. New media writer. WordPress advocate. Blogs about the latest Tech news, gadgets, WordPress theme & plugin reviews, tips & tricks.
  Narine Emdjian ‏-

Bio: JWU GSA Public Relation Officer – Passion about Social media|Marketing| Branding | Speechwriting | Politics | International relations| Small business | Blogger


   Steve Farnsworth ‏-

Bio: A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Demand Generation Content Marketing for B2B High Tech CMO at The Steveology Group


   Danita Blackwood ‏-

Bio: Writer on many formats & platforms/ #SocialMedia/ #Marketing / #Publicist/ Produced nation’s top rated local AM TV #news/Former TV #reporter/animal lover.


   Rohin Kallat ‏-

Bio: Understanding what life is all about, no matter who, what, where, how, when or why. Working towards accepting the answers that reveal themselves to me.


   Silvio Porcellana ‏-

Bio: CEO at mob.is.it. We power mobile marketing businesses.


  Small Business Boost – ‏

Bio: Connect, Share and Promote Your Small Business. Attract Local Customers.


There you go, 15 great people you should follow on Twitter, oh and if you are not following me yet, you can find me at @JohnAguiar

Great way to start your new year, just, Follow, Connect and Share with them.


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  • http://businessbluebird.com/ Frithjof

    How cool is this? Thank you very much! And thanks for creating awesome, shareable content!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Happy to have you on Frithjof :)

  • http://jaypeeonline.net Jaypee Habaradas

    Thanks for including me in the list! I’ve followed everyone else on Twitter. Looking forward to connecting and learning from them. Have a nice day! :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Happy to have you on JP, well deserved. Glad you connected with everyone… all great people.

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