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11 People On Twitter To Follow – UW Madison Students

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Today’s list is something a little different.

This week I was asked to come speak to Don Stanley’s Digital Marketing Class at UW Maison to help give them a better understanding of what and how to use Twitter.

uw madison

Since I had a great time, sharing and answering questions, I thought I would do a special Follow Friday post to first say Thank You to Don for inviting me, and to his awesome students.

Today’s list is the to 10 students that came up and asked question. :)

They are all new to Twitter, so any support, or follow and connection they can get will be great.


The Teacher

   Don Stanley

Bio: Demystifying #digitalmarketing. Workshop leader, Marketing Coach, Speaker, HubSpot, #CMI and Award-Winning @UWMadison Faculty Member.


10 UW Madison Students You Can Follow

   Jordan Gaal ‏-

Bio: @UWMadison #scicomm student @UW_LSC | communication strategy | food, ag, & healthcare | blogging at jordangaal.blog


   Reba McClone ‏-

Bio: Senior at UW Madison, Life Sciences Communications major. Interested in social media and PR. You can probably find me in a barn playing with horses.


   Maddie Wanamaker ‏-

Bio: University of Wisconsin 2017. Rower. Blogger. Tree Hugger.

  Hilary Gehin ‏-

Bio: @UWMadison @UW_LSC Master’s Student and LSC100 TA. Editorial Associate at @WeiLab


   Samwise ‏-

Bio: I do all my own stunts


   Alexis Dunnum ‏-

Bio: Senior at @UWMadison. Proud product of rural Wisconsin. Lover of nature and agriculture hoping to share and educate others about current issues in these fields!


   Emma Lankey ‏-

Bio: Aspiring Medical Student, Food Junkie, @UWBuckyBadger’s #1 Fan


   Keith Franke – ‏

Bio: Sophomore Genetics and Science Communication @uwmadison. Interested in medical genetics and science communcation. Professional account.


   Alex Michalowski ‏-

Bio: Photographer. Designer. Cat lady.


   Malia Elmeer ‏-

Bio: Soon-to-be UW-Madison grad. Striving to learn all about health, science, marketing, and people.


There you go, 15 great people you should follow on Twitter, oh and if you are not following me yet, you can find me at @JohnAguiar

Great way to start your new year, just, Follow, Connect and Share with them.



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